One of the biggest fads of the decade is brunch. Restaurants across the states have added savory brunch items to their menu, drawing in a crowd. If you’re not entirely convinced on how great brunch is, check out today’s blog to see what makes it so incredible and why you should consider booking your next event during the Crystal Ballroom Brunch Extravaganza!


Perfect Timing

One of the main reasons that brunch is so great is that it is truly scheduled at the perfect time. If you’re not exactly a morning person or you like to start your weekends off by snoozing your alarm, then this is already a good fit for you. When it comes to hosting brunch events, you are scheduling this at a time that’s not too early in the day, but still leaves a lot of the day once the event is over for people to get whatever they need done. Or, you could just draw out the party and turn it into a night of fun! Either way, brunch is the best start to a day.


Savory Foods

When it comes to planning an incredible event, you want to make sure that the food you’re serving is something that the guests will remember. That’s another reason that we strongly suggest booking your next party during the brunch hour. Brunch menus are known for having savory, and delectable foods with tasty, colorful drinks. Whether you opt for the more traditional brunch foods like eggs benedict and waffles, or you create a bold menu with items like the outstanding Monte Cristo sandwich, you are guaranteed to please your guests.


Great Indoor & Outdoor

While breakfasts are excellent for outside venues, and dinner is fantastic in a fancy indoor venue, brunch is genuinely great anywhere! That means that regardless of what you’re planning on doing with the decor, attire, or what the event may be, you can enjoy some of the tastiest foods with the people you care about the most!


Lighthearted & Fun

This meal might as well be dedicated to great conversation and good times because those are both guaranteed when you’re enjoying brunch. It goes without saying that these are things that you’re going to want at your event — so schedule it during brunch! It’s the best way to get the conversation flowing between your guests.


So Much More

Brunch is great for so many reasons, and we’ve only listed a few. This is also a much more affordable meal than most others that take place throughout the day, it’s an opportunity for smaller meals to be main courses, and it gives you an excuse to pop some bottles of champagne! Our Brunch Extravaganza is without a doubt, the best way to spend your big event — so what are you waiting for?

If you’re sold on the idea of brunch for your next event, it’s time to book it with Crystal Ballroom. We offer both indoor and outdoor event venues and can help you perfect the planning of your party. Look over our pricing and packages for the Casselberry event hall and contact us today if you’re ready to book. We can’t wait to have you!