Whether you are hosting a business party to celebrate a new company milestone or you are simply planning an annual event, renting out a banquet hall is the best way to go. Here at the Crystal Ballroom, we provide the services you need to make your next business party a success. Our banquet hall in St. Augustine is the perfect venue for parties both large and small. Talk to us about how we can help you pull off your next company party at our venue.

Check out these benefits you will gain from holding your business party at a banquet hall.

#1: Getting Away From The Office

One of the number-one reasons you should rent a space for your office party is to allow your employees a chance to get away from the office. A party will be more enjoyable if it is held far away from the desks at which your employees spend their days. This cuts down on work distractions and allows the focus of the night to be on the event.

Getting out of the office will allow people to loosen up, feel more relaxed, and put the worries of the workday behind them. No amount of decor can change the ambiance of an office space.

#2: Ample Space For Activities

Whether you are hosting a holiday party or you are holding an event to hand out important company awards, you want ample space for the night’s activities to take place. From announcing things to group games, renting an event venue will give you the space you need to make sure the party isn’t cramped.

As you choose the right venue for your event, consider what activities will take place and choose a space that is large enough.

#3: Simplified Planning

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to planning a work party. From deciding on what food to provide to choosing a theme for the evening, planning can quickly eat up your time. Renting a banquet hall will simplify the planning process as a lot of the work can be handled in-house. For example, at the Crystal Ballroom, we help our clients with everything from decorating to catering. This makes the whole process simpler for you and less stressful for everyone involved.

#4: Stunningly Elegant

A company party is a great time to show off your company. You want your employees to feel proud of where they work and for their guests to be impressed by the event. Choosing a venue rather than hosting your party in-house will allow you to throw a stunningly elegant event. With the ambiance a venue provides and the expert design of professionals, you can leave a lasting impression at your next company party.

Are you looking for the right banquet hall in St. Augustine to host your next company event? We can help! At the Crystal Ballroom, we provide a beautiful location for companies to host their parties. From award ceremonies to holiday events, we can help you plan a party that everyone will remember.