Planning your wedding should be an enjoyable experience that ultimately winds up with the day of your dreams. As you go about planning your wedding, it is inevitable to hit bumps along the way. Here at the Crystal Ballroom, our stunning wedding and party venue in Ft. Lauderdale provides the perfect setting for your big day. We have watched as countless couples work hard to plan the ideal wedding day. As you go about choosing your wedding cake, mailing out invites, and piecing the entire event together, make sure you avoid these wedding planning mistakes.

Planning Your Wedding To Please Others

While you will want to consider your family’s input and the comfort of your guests, keep in mind that your wedding day is truly about you and your spouse-to-be. Don’t spend your entire time planning your big day around what other people want. You might wind up with a wedding day that is nowhere near what you imagined. Make sure that as you listen to the advice and input of others, you check to ensure you are not simply planning your wedding to please everyone else. Allow you and your significant other to be the directors of the day.

Procrastinating Big Decisions

With the slew of decisions you need to make during wedding planning, you can become crippled with indecisiveness. If you are hitting your wall and feel incapable of making any more decisions, reach out and ask for some help. The longer you put off major decisions, such as booking a venue or choosing your caterer, the bigger chance there is of your preferred options booking out. Prioritize the biggest decisions and tackle them up front. Save the smaller details for later, as they will have less of a time constraint.

Letting The Small Stuff Stress You Out

The reality is that no matter how good you are at planning your wedding, there will always be small hiccups down the road. Make sure you don’t let the small things stress you out. When you are thrown into a panic over every little thing, you will wind up a mess. Keep your focus on the bigger picture and remember that your wedding day is a celebration of you and your significant other’s love. Don’t let anything detract from that fact.

Making Things Too Elaborate

When it comes to planning an event as big as a wedding, it is important to try to keep things as focused and as simple as possible. The more elaborate and complicated you make your plans, the more stress you will add to your plate. Try to simplify in any way you can. For example, choose a wedding venue that offers in-house catering. This will be one less thing for you to orchestrate. Keep looking for ways you can make everything easier, rather than adding unnecessary work to your plans.


If you are in the middle of planning for your big day, talk to our team at the Crystal Ballroom to find out how we can help. Our party venue in Ft. Lauderdale provides a stunning location to hold your wedding. Not only will you love our venue space, you will enjoy the added benefit of other services we provide, such as catering and expert design. Reach out today to learn more.