Preparing for a wedding can feel like a big task. From deciding on the perfect wedding venue in Tampa to choosing your dress, planning a wedding is a large ordeal. The last thing you want is to be stressed out on the day of your wedding, running around in a panic. To ensure that you are calm and collected on your big day, we have compiled the following four tips to help keep your zen.

#1: Preparation Goes A Long Way

To ensure your wedding day is not a stressful mess, make sure you invest plenty of time in preparation. The more you can prepare ahead, the less chaotic your actual wedding day will be. Try to think through every angle of the wedding day, long before the day ever arrives. Make out a detailed list of things that need to transpire before your wedding day and plan them out with the time you have between now and your big day.

For example, choosing a quality wedding venue will ensure that you are not worried about the small details of the event on the actual day. Investing in a quality photographer will help prevent you from running around orchestrating the wedding shots you want. Each of these small steps will help ensure your wedding day goes off without a hitch.

#2: Find A Trusted Go-To

While planning will go a long way in ensuring you can stay stress-free on your wedding day, choosing someone you can trust with the unavoidable hiccups will help ensure you can focus on being happy and carefree. Pick a friend, family member, or even wedding planner that is officially in charge of all last minute decisions. This person can be the one to find a quick fix for a tear in bridesmaid dress or be the one to call in a backup singer when your first choice calls in sick.

The bottom line is that you need to choose someone you can trust with last-minute decisions and let them take the reigns. This will allow you to focus on getting ready and enjoying every second of your big day.

#3: Try To Get Rest

Getting a good night of sleep will go a long way in preventing you from having a meltdown on the day of your wedding. It might be difficult to get to sleep, but try to do your best to schedule plenty of time for rest the night before your wedding.

Plan any parties for the week before your wedding, rather than the night before. This will prevent you from feeling worn out on your wedding day. When you’re exhausted, you are more prone to stressing out, so make rest a priority leading up to the big event.

#4: Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Finally, no matter how well you have prepared and how excellent of a job your right-hand decision maker does, there will always be small bumps in the road during any major event. Instead of letting the minor hiccups throw you into a tizzy, remind yourself to focus on the bigger picture and the happiness of your marriage. If something small goes awry, carry on and remain committed to enjoying your beautiful day. Years down the road, you won’t remember if there was a tiny tear in your dress. You will remember the wonderful day you had with family, friends, and your spouse.

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